Saturday, February 25, 2012

Contests and Cameo Appearences

Recently, someone asked me if a character from my GESSO SQUAD series, Dr. Brent Winsor, was really an alternate version of myself. I laughed when I initially heard this...As far as I'm concerned, just because one of my characters has short black hair and glasses doesn't me she is an secret version of myself. To prove this, I'm going to make a cameo appearance in my third Gesso Squad Graphic Novel.

I've also entered GESSO SQUAD The Graphic Novel Volume One: 1,000 Star Demons and a Rain God (February 2012) into two book contests: The New York Book Festival and the National Indie Excellence Book Awards.  I will get the results from both sometime in June and July....

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A small test

Let's see how many people are reading this blog...

I'm in the process of selling my books on Barnes and and maybe getting them into Barnes and Noble Book stores. From reading the directions on the bn website, it seems fairly easy. They just need your ISBN and a copy of your book plus other information. I've also considered sending extra used copies I have at home to Powell's Books. They offer the option to sell your used books online as well in their stores. I have no control over the book prices on Lulu. However, I think one way to get people to buy more books could be to sell them used which would lower the cost. Especially since the Graphic Novels are all being printed in color and can get a little expensive. I think selling them Barnes and Noble and Powell's is a good idea.

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