Saturday, July 22, 2023

Drawing a house part II

 I created a video tutorial of one of the many ways you can draw a house and add color. Any shapes can be used to create your drawing. See examples examples below. 

There is also a video of how to complete this: Drawing a House Part II.


1.      Start with drawing a straight line.

2. Draw another line to form a square

3. Add a triangle to form the roof

4. Draw another square to form the bottom of the house.

5. You can add a square to make a window in any shape you would like.
7.    Add a second window to the front of the house above the door.
8. Add a door to the front of the house.
9. Add zig zag lines or other shapes on the roof. You can start to add a chimeny using small squares or other shapes.

10. Add color to your house using any medium you would like. I.e. crayons, colored pencils, markers.