Saturday, November 6, 2021

in October

 So far, I've managed to publish three books since last year. The most recent one, the Chronicles of Sakura Silver  I finished last month.  Sakura first appeared a collection of short stories I published in 2013, Tales of a Phantom Toaster and Other Short Stories.

I recently made drawings which I later donated to my local United Way for their Day of Caring event.  I like to take coloring pages I finish, cut them up turn them into art (see image to the left). Coloring books for people of all ages can found in stores.

I've been using colored pencils, markers and fine point pens. I've been growing tired of using colored pencils. I  haven't used crayons in what seems like 1,000 years. I picked up a box today with 96 colors, and I'm excited to use them soon.