Saturday, December 3, 2016

From Mini Sketchbook

A small collection of drawings from my tiny sketchbook. Some of the assignments in this book are random things to draw, which I enjoy as it keeps things interesting and gives me a variety of subjects to choose from.  It's also better than drawing plastic fruits and vegetables. 

A cupcake with sprinkles
A small onion

An ant 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pencil Drawings with Four Legs

Inked drawing of dog with color
I'm sorting through paper, storyboards, pencils, screenplays and a homemade wooden pegboard.

These are drawings and art from a book I recently finished.  I've enjoyed drawing animals outside, using photographs or the occasional visit to a local animal conservatory.

Graphite pencil sketch of dog outside

Pencil sketch of dog outside.
It's fun to dress up these characters and include how they would respond to being in a  costume. Some will enjoy this, while others will question their appearance as seen in the dog to the left.

Friday, July 15, 2016


Pencil sketch of cat, Stella
Pencil drawing of cat sleeping
Drawings from my sketchbook exploring hands, cat and pumpkin sketches.  Trying to figure out other subjects to draw besides my plastic fruit, hands, and cat.  I enjoy drawing my cat, it's limited to when she's sleeping. I am able to catch sketches of her in moments when she is awake, however it is a challenge.

Hand Sketch

Monday, July 4, 2016

Character Birthdays

Today is the birthday of one of my characters from Gesso Squad. It's not the birthday I had assigned the character, but instead, the day I finished the character design which included clothing used in public and costumes worn while having adventures with friends. I haven't illustrated or written a graphic novel in almost a year. I miss my characters and I'm working on revisiting them again. I enjoy drawing and painting their interactions with the world and each other.  The one thing which takes so much time in writing these books is that I'm doing the work of several people: writing, illustrating, painting backgrounds, editing, drawing layouts, creating new character designs, props, storyboarding, and book layout in InDesign. To find out which character has a birthday today books are available at:

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pepper and Pumpkin Study

Small pumpkin sketch.
 Sketch of Large Plastic Pepper

Since the beginning of March, I've decided to sketch various plastic vegetables I have in my collection.

One of the large plastic pumpkins in my assortment.

Line drawing of pepper.

I've become fixated on pumpkins, especially oddly shaped ones which I have in my fake fruit and vegetable collection. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Coping skills and art

Read an article today about how some people deal with adversity and find creative ways of coping.   I originally made a film about my shunt not working and my movie changed because of things which happened while I was in the operating room. 

Sometimes people have disassociated or separated themselves in some way emotionally, psychologically from the situation they are in.  I've looked in on the lives and stories of my characters through the years and it made sense for me to disassociate from my own situation and tell my own story. Doing so allowed me to filter through my own feelings.

There are some benefits of going through hard times, the article can be found here.