Friday, April 8, 2011


About a week ago, I was let go from the local community college where I was working as a graphic designer. I was responsible for doing the newspaper layout for their student publication using Adobe InDesign.  Their reason for letting me go was because I was gone for two and a half weeks while on recovery after having had brain surgery. During that time, they needed to start another issue and hire someone else in my place. I wasn't at all surpised to hear this at the time. In a way, it worked out, I as I didn't have time to devote to the layout due to my recovery and working four other jobs. When I returned home from the "dismisal meeting", I opened my mailbox. My eyes widened as I pulled the little blue and green postcard from the metal locked box. Writer's Digest, a organization dedicated to helping writers, write better was having their annual self published book competition. The deadline was April 15, 2011. As I clasped the postcard in my hand, I remembered I recieved the same postcard for their competition last year in 2010. At that time, I was still writing my book and couldn't enter...until now.

Today, I mailed out a copy of Gesso Squad & The Stone of the Sun in the mail to them with the entry form and fee. I figured, what do I have to loose? My book will be exposed internationally, and I could even win something...maybe the book fairy will be in my favor....we'll see...