Sunday, April 11, 2021

Drawing to travel

I've started making drawing collages I create out of coloring pages I finish and then adding my own drawings.  They're fun and a nice escape from chronic pain and pandemic news. They also make me smile and I enjoy creating them then donating them to my local United Way. 

Step One: Choose and color design from coloring book

Step Two: Cut out parts of design from page. 

Step Three: Add your own drawings. 

Step Four: Draw over pencil drawings with marker

Step Five: Color inked drawings with colored pencil, markers.

There are plenty of books, videos out there that teach people how to draw different shapes, characters and objects. Video about how to draw characters using shapes.  One of the books that helped me develop fine art skills is Drawing on the Right side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. There are also other great books about drawing from realistic to just basic shapes.