Sunday, April 25, 2021

Let's Draw Part I

  When it's raining outside and I have chronic pain, I draw rainbows because they make me feel better. 

Step 1: Draw curvy lines to create side of cloud.

Step 2: Close lines creating first cloud.

Step 3: Begin drawing 2nd cloud. 

Step 4; Continue drawing outline for 2nd cloud.

Step 5: Close lines. Now we have two clouds.
Step 6: Begin drawing rainbow lines
Step 7: Close rainbow lines and
darken pencil lines with pens,
markers or colored pencil.  

Step 8: Color in rainbow and clouds
using markers, colored pencils

I didn't include all the colors of the rainbow in this drawing. Sometimes I leave them out or I include all of the colors. This usually depends on the length between clouds which usually determines the number of lines in a rainbow. I also could've add more thin lines to give the rainbow more colors. Rainbow drawings can be colored in using a variety of media even cutting colored pieces of paper and using it to fill in the colors is a good idea too.